Vision and Mission of the Rwanda Bar Association


To be a vibrant and independent National Bar Association committed to justice and the rule of law by enhancing the legal profession to regional, international best standards and advancing the human rights knowledge and awareness of the profession.


To gather all the members of the Bar Association to promote and protect the interests of the legal profession and the public in the administration of justice by preserving the integrity of the profession through regulation and supporting professional development, and by helping to shape the law and advancing respect for the rule of law and human rights.”
The Bar Association shall have the following mission:

  • To gather all the members of the Bar Association
  • To ensure compliance with the rules and principles of the Advocates profession
  • To prevent and fight conflicts and all forms of divisionism within the Bar Association
  • To prevent and resolve conflicts among members of the Bar Association themselves and those between such members and other people
  • To monitor the conduct of Advocates;
  • To forward to the Government, on its own initiative or upon request, proposals that can contribute to the promotion of Advocates’ profession in particular and of justice in general;
  • To strike good relations of exchange and collaboration with other Bar Associations with the same mission and at the international level;
  • To facilitate those practicing the Advocates’ profession access their profession-related training;
  • To help the Government as to the provision of legal aid; and
  • To perform any other activity that is necessary for the achievement of the mission of the Bar Association.

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