Apr 04

Training on IECMS for Newly admitted RBA Members

Friday 31st March 2017, New members of Rwanda Bar Association have attended Training on Integrated Electronic Case management System IECMS In the line to promote the use of ICT especially in Courts, in December 2015 the ministry of Justice have launched the Rwanda Integrated electronic case managemt system IECMS to improve Judicial Service Delivery through the whole justice chain from the inception of a case to its final adjudication for the main Objective To put in place a computerized Judicial case processing system for whole judicial chain (RNP, NPPA, Judiciary, CLS to RCS) to provide easier, faster and cheaper judicial service to the citizen.

It is in this Regards that the Rwanda Bar Association have organized Training for newly Admitted Members including some of Advocates who was interested to attend the training and over 90 Advocates have attended a one day training on IECMS.

Newly Admitted and other RBA Members attended IECMS training

Newly Admitted and other RBA Members attended IECMS training

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