Jan 16

Swearing ceremony of New Members of the Bar Association

Thursday 12th January 2017 The Rwanda Bar Association has received over 100 new members including 3 State Attorneys and 4 lawyers coordinating Access to Justice Bureaus known as MAJ while other 17 foreigners from different countries were enrolled as Private Practitioners.

These new advocates were officially admitted as Bar members today Thursday 12th January 2016 as the Supreme Court received their oath in a ceremony presided over by the Supreme court.

The President Welcomed the New Membership to the Bar Association

The President of the bar Association, Mr. Kavaruganda Julien Gustave welcomed the new Bar members and advised them to uphold professionalism marked by integrity and honesty.


  1. Yusuf Nthenda

    Congratulations Comrades for being enrolled into the noble profession. Please remember that this profession requires the practitioners to respect one another at all times. Remember also that you have a duty to respect the judges and Prosecutors as officers of the Court. Otherwise, I wish you all the best as you try to serve.

    1. Me. Eric Munyentwari

      Thank you very much brother Yusuf for your wise welcome and reminder! Though I do delayed on the reply once again thank you very much, I personally I take your words inconsideration much respect!

    2. Me HAGENIMANA Polycarpe

      Thank you comrade for your advices

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