Rwanda Bar Association elective General Assembly of the 02nd March 2018

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On the 02nd March the Rwanda Bar Association membership gathered at University of Rwanda Kimironko Campus ( Formal KIE) for the election of RBA Governing council members and Disciplinary committee members. The Bar President KAVARUGANDA Julien – Gustave presided over the Elective General assembly, After the registration of members The Bar President introduced those whose Application was approved by the council.

On the side of Members of Governing council Approved candidates was Me BUZAYRE Angele, Me NIYONGIRA Ghislaine and Me RWIMO CLotilde who was thereafter given each the time to introduce to members their plans and goals they are expecting to achieve during the next 3 years.

Candidates for disciplinary committee members was Me GATERA GASHABA (AB); Me KARANGWA Vincent (AB); Me KAZENEZA Theophile and Me FURAHA Amida.

The Council of the Bar Association is composed of the the President of the Bar Association who is also the presiding officer; eleven (11) Advocates elected by their peers that are on the roll of Advocates; an Advocate from State Attorneys and who is elected by his/her peers; Members of the Council of the Bar Association are elected for a three (3) year term of office renewable once (1).
The Disciplinary Committee Includes the senior Advocate member of the Council of the Bar Association; six (6) Advocates elected by the General Assembly; Representative of the Faculties of Law from Universities that are authorized in Rwanda and who is registered on the roll and elected by his/her peers; The Head of the General Directorate of the Institute of Legal Practice and Development or his/her representative; Representative of the National Human Rights Commission; The Advocate representing the Attorney General;

Responsibilities of the Council of the Bar Association Include to examine and decide on the issues related to the practice of the Advocates’ profession, and give advice, on its own initiative or upon request on any other matters relating to the Bar Association; to take decision on the enrollment on the roll of the Bar Association; to put in place regulations meant for the promotion of Advocates’ profession; to implement disciplinary measures that are provided for in this Law; to recruit the staff of the Bar Association. Whereas Responsibilities on The Disciplinary committee Includes To consider all claims that are linked with the discipline of Advocates; To decide on all issues referred to it; To take disciplinary measures provided for by this Law; To fight injustice and discrimination; To monitor the conduct and the practice of Advocates; To ensure compliance with the laws and regulations governing the Advocates’ profession; To make an annual follow up as to whether Advocates pay taxes in accordance with the relevant laws.

Elected Council Members are: Me BUZAYRE Angele, Me NIYONGIRA Ghislaine and Me RWIMO CLotilde.

Elected Disciplinary committee members are: Me GATERA GASHABA (AB); Me KARANGWA Vincent (AB); Me KAZENEZA Theophile and Me FURAHA Amida