Feb 17

Meeting of the Council of the Bar

Member of the Bar Council

Member of the Bar Council

The Council of the Bar meets at least once per month and as often as the interest of the Bar requires. On Thursday 16th February 2017, 14h30. Members of the Bar Council met at the RBA board Room to discuss and take decisions over a number of issues including Roll updating, readmission or reintegration of advocates who had interrupted or had been suspended, promotion of intern advocates to the Roll of Advocates, discussion over the draft 2017 CLE calendar, adoption of the format of the Law Firm Standards compliance, new charts of account of the Bar as well as the updating of the members of the Bar association in accordance with Disciplinary Committee report of 03rd February 2017.

Member of the Bar Council

Member of the Bar Council

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  1. Bruce KOKONYA

    The Councils expertise, commitment and expose is of great influence as the Rwandan legal practice rubber stamps its mark in the region. I am a witness of the progress from ILPD Nyanza and a Kenyan equally equipped for the task to practice in Rwanda my passion for the interaction of both civil and common law principles for justice. Keep it up and Long live RBA.

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