USAID – Duteze Imbere Ubutabera (DIU) Activity

In line with the Implementation of the DIU Grant Agreement that was signed by Rwanda Bar Association (RBA) and Chemonics on 10th October 2018 to carry activities related to Access to Justice for Indigent and Vulnerable People through Quality Legal Assistance and Capacity building for lawyers. The Rwanda Bar Is currently implementing the following activities with the full support of USAID- Duteze Imbere Ubutabera.
  • Training lawyers on legal aid forms in criminal, civil, family and GBV procedures. In this training, lawyers are equipped to assist indigents and vulnerable persons.
  • Intensive training of lawyers on the use of Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS). In This Training Pro bono lawyers are well trained on the use of IECMS which is gradually updated to speed up Courts’ proceedings, as they effectively provide indigent and vulnerable communities with legal aid services.
  • Training lawyers on Strategic Litigation. In this training, lawyers are trained on Rwanda's legal avenues for Public Interest Litigation as to properly defend and promote the rights of citizens having common legal interest.
  • Legal assistance/ representation for indigents and vulnerable people in criminal proceedings. Indigents and vulnerable people will be assisted by legal counsel in criminal proceedings and therefore the unnecessary pretrial detentions are avoided and fair trial is guaranteed
  • Legal assistance/ representation for indigents and vulnerable people in criminal proceedings before the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court. Backlogs of litigation cases that have been pending before the two Courts are eliminated and therefore justice is rendered on time.
  • Conducting Advocates Week. During the Advocates week Indigents and Vulnerable people especially, those who are in detention facilities are assisted get their rights protected and promoted.
  • Gender mainstreaming within the Bar Association. Women lawyers are adequately equipped with necessary legal knowledge and skills to tackles GBV and other issues affecting women in Rwandan Society.
USAID_DIU Intervation
  • Improving access to Justice and enhancing rule of Law by guarantying Rights of Suspects or other needy of legal services
  • Improving judicial effectiveness in formal Courts
  • Improving judicial effectiveness and respect of Human Rights
  • Improving public understanding of judicial system process and legal Rights