General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Bar consists of all Advocates enrolled on the roll of the Bar and the list of interns. The decisions of the General Assembly taken in accordance with the law and these Rules and Regulations, are mandatory for all Advocates.

Responsibilities of the General Assembly of the Bar

The General Assembly shall be competent:

  • To adopt the annual budget of the Bar;
  • To receive, consider and adopt the annual activity report, the balance sheet and the external audit report;
  • To designate, upon proposal of the Council of the Bar external auditors; receive their reports and decide thereon;
  • To elect and dismiss the President of the Bar and the members of the Council of the Bar, as well as representatives
  • the Advocates in the Disciplinary Committee;
  • To authorise the Council of the Bar to carry out the management;
  • To hear the report of the Disciplinary Committee.

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