Bar President

The President of the Bar has the following functions:

  • To supervise the daily operations of the Bar;
  • To convene and chair meetings of the General Assembly, the Council of the Bar and the Bureau of the Bar;
  • To represent the Bar;
  • To authorize the implementation of the budget of the Bar;
  • To ensure the implementation of the decisions taken by the General Assembly or the Council of the Bar;
  • To entrust any mission he/she deems appropriate;
  • To obtain opinion of the Committees of the Bar;
  • To take any decision within his/her competence over the reports, opinions and recommendations of the Committees of the Bar;
  • To perform any other activities assigned to him/her by the General Assembly or the Council of the Bar.

    The President of the Bar has responsibilities to receive all claims by or against an Advocate. He/she has the power:

    • To reconcile the parties or permit the Advocate to lodge a case with competent Courts;
    • To take any disciplinary measure within his/her powers;
    • To send the Advocate before the Disciplinary Committee. The President of the Bar makes such reference when he/she considers the allegations against the Advocate are likely to result in a disciplinary sanction greater than that of within his/her competence, especially acts that can hinder the honour of the Bar or constitute a serious violation of professional obligations of the Advocate;
    • To decide to close the case for any complaint filed against an Advocate, and notify the complainant.

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