The Bar Association in Rwanda is a Legal Professional Organization that was created by an Act of Parliament in 1997 (Law N° 03/97). This law was amended by Law No 83/2013 of 11/09/2013, the law establishing the Bar Association in Rwanda, determining its Organization and Functioning.  Having started with 37 advocates, after seventeen years, the Bar’s current membership exceeds 1073 advocates after fusion of former Judicial defenders Association and former Kigali Bar Association. The membership is made up of all practicing advocates, as required by law, and the interns who aspire to be enrolled after 2 years of internship.

The Bar Association fulfills the role of Legal Representation and Regulation for its members and plays a key role in the Administration of Justice for a strengthened Rule of Law in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Bar Association is mainly comprised by the following organs:

  • The General Assembly
  • Governing Council
  • The President of the Bar

In 2009, an Executive Secretariat of the Bar Association was created to Support the President and the Governing Council to implement and administer the implementation of the Bar Strategic Programmes. Furthermore, the Bar Association established a number of committees to help in achieving goals and objectives.


  1. Charles JOB

    Dear Sir/Ma

    Kindly funish me with information that will enable me practice as an Advocate in Rwanda.

    I have the degree of Law (LLB) and (LLM)

    Thank you.

    Charles Job
    +254 713 480 485

  2. Wesley

    Dear Sirs,

    I have been researching a lot about labour law in Rwanda but I have not managed to get access to decided cases. As Rwanda bar association, I guess somewhere somehow you must be having them for purposes of research.

    Went to Ministry of Justice and one tiny library was tightly packed, another one has no librarian and until they employ one, it will remain closed that according to what the receptionist at the ground floor told me, and was informed the third one, I guess under the ministry was also closed. How can you help the public get access to information for research purposes?

    On the matter I was researching on labour law, whereas its clear that during probation, an employee can be terminated without notice, can termination be done without a reason? and should there be a reason, can the reason stray away from the objective of probation? is the termination during this period at the discretion of the employer? Basically other than notice, does the employee have rights or he/she is at the mercy of the employer? I will appreciate any decided cases to refer to.


    1. rba_webadmin

      PLease check on our website through E document

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